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15 Years of the Cedar Valley Hospice Home

For 15 years the Cedar Valley Hospice Home has been providing comfort, care and a peaceful atmosphere for thousands of patients and families during life’s most difficult times. The area’s only hospice home was built in the year 2000 and includes six patient rooms, solace room, therapy room with a spa tub for patients, along with a family kitchen, dining and family room that leads out back to a patio and tribute garden. For those that live out of town, there is a guest bathroom that includes a shower and for kids, there is a playroom.

Over the years, the Hospice Home has been witness to several of life’s most special events including a baptism, graduation party and wedding. After years of caring for patients and hosting families, the Hospice Home was recently renovated and includes new furniture, flooring, paint and appliances that will be able to keep up with the changing times.

Many Cedar Valley Hospice patients receive care in their homes. However, when this isn’t possible and a patient’s pain and symptoms are not easily managed at home, the Hospice Home is there providing around-the-clock care. The Hospice Home also provides respite care, or short-term residential stays that allow caregivers to take a temporary break.

Jennifer Toneff, wife and mother, is one of thousands that has witnessed the care and compassion given at the Hospice Home. Toneff’s husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor and spent his final weeks there.

“With the fantastic care from the Cedar Valley Hospice nurses and doctors, we were able to get some of my husband back for a little while,” Jennifer Toneff said, “which was important for the girls.”

While at the Hospice Home with her husband, Jennifer was able to be the wife and mother, rather than only a caregiver during his final weeks, allowing them to make special memories.

The Hospice Home has been an important part of the plan of care for so many patients and we invite you to take a look at the updated space! Thank you to all of those who made this renovation possible, and for the patients and families that have allowed us into your lives to care for your loved ones. We are honored to serve this community and will continually be committed to Making Each Moment Matter.